4 questions for Didier Soubrier
4 questions for Didier Soubrier
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4 questions for… Didier Soubrier

Culture - 5 April 2018 - by Le Grand EICAR

Meeting with DoP and Director Didier Soubrier, during his “Traditional Film” workshop with our students from Bachelor Degree and Master Degree with an option in Cinematography.

EICAR News: Who are you?

Didier Soubrier: My name is Didier Soubrier. I am French. I am a Director of Photography and a Director. I just directed last year my first feature film, and right now I am prepring the second one that I will shoot in India.

EN: What kind of workshop do you offer?

DS: Right now at EICAR, I am holding a workshop which is called Traditional Film Workshop, where students from the Bachelor Degree and Master Degree programs with an option in Cinematography, are using film negative. It allows students to proceed camera tests, tests of key light, tests of image, shooting with negative, proceeding the negative in the lab, visiting the lab, get the results and see and analyze the result on a file that will be provided by the lab at the end of the workshop.

EN: What would you think of this workshop if you were a student?

DS: If I still could be a student, I think I would appreciate this workshop because it is not used now in schools, to use negative, to proceed in a lab, to visit the lab… EICAR gives the opportunity to use negative and to proceed negative with everything, including the lab visit! And I think that as students, they should be aware of the chance to get this.

EN: Recntly, what has been your favorite cultural event?

DS: Last time I was impressed in a cultural event, it was by a movie. It’s an old one now : Manchester by the Sea. To feel a kind of author movie, that we are doing in France, and I am linked to this kind of movie, this family of movie (author, social drama…). I feel that the USA is turning and finally achieving this kind of movies, really impressed me.