4 questions for Marie-Hélène Fabiani
4 questions for Marie-Hélène Fabiani
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4 questions for… Marie-Hélène Fabiani

Culture - 19 April 2018 - by Le Grand EICAR

Meeting with Marie-Hélène Fabiani, a lawyer specialized in artistic and industrial property, during her “Intellectual Property” workshop at EICAR’s International Department with our students from Bachelor Degree and Master Degree with an option in Producing and Directing. She answered to our “4 questions for…” interview.

EICAR News: Who are you?

Marie-Hélène Fabiani: My name is Marie-Hélène Fabiani. I am a lawyer, a French lawyer with a French Accent. I am an entertainment lawyer, specialized in Intellectual Property matters. I am also a member of the National Bar Council.

EN: What kind of workshop do you offer?

MHF: In my workshop, I try to explain what is Copyright, what are the rights of a producers and the artists. I try to give practical examples to students of what they are going to see in their professional lives about contracts and copyright.

EN: What would you think of this workshop if you were a student?

MHF: I would not think as a student. Most of the students attending this workshop are in their Bachelor Degree and Master Degree’s last year. Next year, they will be professionals. So I try to give them advice as if they were clients. So if I were a student, I would ask questions as a client to a lawyer, because all the cases we are studying during the workshop will be seen by the students in the real life. They will sign real contracts. So, I would act as a professional, not as a student.

EN: Recently, what has been your favorite cultural event?

MHF: I have seen the film Black Panther, not in classic screening but in 4DX, at the Aquaboulevard Cinema Theater. You are on your seat, the seat is moving, you receive some water and some wind. It is quite magical! So, go to see Black Panther!