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International Programs

Exchange or Transfer Program


All courses are taught in English

Students in an exchange program with EICAR must verify that our credits are accepted by your school.

Students are permitted to transfer into the second year of our Bachelor program if they have successfully completed credits in a similar, production oriented, practical film school prior to come studying with us.

The second year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in filmmaking is a key year oriented toward the preparation of the final film projects as well as the introduction of key screenwriting classes. The student also has the opportunity, if successfully completing the second year, to continue studies with us to complete his or her degree.

  • Type of formation:
    Academic education
  • Length of program:
    1 an
  • First year entry:
    1 year of credit in a filmmaking institution
  • Diploma:
    Option to complete a degree at EICAR

Exchange or Transfer Program

Students are integrated into the second year of EICAR’s three year hands-on program – directing, production, cinematography, screenwriting or editing.

During the second term, students have additional required courses in their major as well as workshops, and one-to-one tutoring.

formation métier du cinéma


The ten month program includes the following classes:

Second year ECTS credits
Æsthetics of light 3
Directing actors 3
Scriptwriting 4,5
Camera lighting 4,5
Editing 3
Contemporary cinema 3
Non-fictional Film-making 3
Production 3
Production Design 2
Tutoring 1
Workshops 6
Productions 24

The student can choose up to 4 several intense week-long Practical Workshops:

  • Assistant Directing,
  • Screenwriting A to Z,
  • Short Film Production,
  • Producing Commercials,
  • Esthetics of Sound (Sound Design),
  • Creating from Character (screenwriting for television series),
  • Mastering color grading in DaVinci Resolve,
  • Final Cut Pro 10,
  • Location Managing,
  • Steadycam Operating,
  • How to Cast your Film.

Because of the evolving nature of film and new media technology, EICAR, to meet to the needs of the audio-visual industry, reserves the right to modify its curriculum.

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Frequently asked questions

What are class sizes like?

The Master of Fine Arts runs an average class size of 15 per year. Further, practical classes like cinematography are also split into two to keep sizes small. The Bachelor of Fine Arts is on average 25 students per class. The one year program has an average size of 10 students.

What is the average age of students in the programs?

Although there is no age limit for the programs, the BFA tends to attract high school age students of 20 years of age, looking to start their undergraduate work. But we have had mature students in the programs before.

Students under the age of 18 must have completed their high school education and have a note from their guardian in France.

The MFA average age is the candidate who has already completed their undergraduate work, the average age being 25.

What type of programs do you offer in the international department? What are their duration?

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program is 2 years, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is 3 years; the One Year Filmmaking program is 1 year. All of our full time programs during the year require the student to apply. Summer Workshops can be one to three weeks and require only that one registers.

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