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One year program

EICAR One Year Certificate
50 years of EICAR
50 years of EICAR
Alumni awarded <br>at Cannes Film Festival
Alumni awarded
at Cannes Film Festival
Programs taught in English
Programs taught in English


The entire program is taught in English

EICAR offers a one-year acting program covering the specificities of acting in front of a camera. Students, already skilled in acting on stage, will develop their abilities to adapt their methods to camera and to perform in English.

This program is also designed to give the candidates the opportunity to practice with other international EICAR students on fiction films projects and share workshops with them.

This one-year program proposes an advanced approach to screen acting for the camera. One of the advantages of a multidisciplinary film school like EICAR is to offer resources and training that are unavailable in most Acting schools: expertise in auditioning technique, dubbing and voice over, musical comedy training, and a reel that will set the working actor apart when he or she is professionally in front of the camera.

  • Type of formation:
    Academic education
  • Length of program:
    1 an
  • First year entry:
    Degree or experience in acting
  • Diploma:
    EICAR One Year Certificate stating the completion of the program


After successfully passing all core classes, the One Year Certificate is issued by EICAR. The One Year is a non-degree, non ECTS program.

formation métier du cinéma


Students are introduced to screen craft in acting via classes and workshops in: voice over, professional audition technique, working with playback for musical training and choreography, screen continuity and lens familiarity and the chance to collaborate with filmmaking students in producing a filmed monologue.

There will also be courses in film history and culture added to round out the cinematic knowledge of the actor.

The program serves as a powerful training ground for students looking to perfect their acting training and orient themselves toward a film and television career against the backdrop of the world’s most cinematic city with all the cultural advantages it offers.

English language Hands-On Acting program

  • Complete “learning by doing” curriculum
  • Faculty and tutors – A-list film professionals
  • Membership at La Cinémathèque Française (French National Film Archives)
  • This is a non-degree, non ECTS program.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know French in order to go to the international programs?

No. Our BFA, MFA, One Year Filmmaking programs and our summer workshops, “Making a Short” and “Writing a Short” are taught in English. The school nevertheless provides French classes as part of the degree programs to help you to immerge into French culture.

What is the average age of students in the programs?

Although there is no age limit for the programs, the BFA tends to attract high school age students of 20 years of age, looking to start their undergraduate work. But we have had mature students in the programs before.

Students under the age of 18 must have completed their high school education and have a note from their guardian in France.

The MFA average age is the candidate who has already completed their undergraduate work, the average age being 25.

What kind of student attends the international department programs? Who are you looking for?

We are looking for potential filmmakers from all over the world from a variety of different backgrounds. The typical candidate is a non traditional student looking for practical immersion in filmmaking and the chance to work on their craft. The average student has little prior experience in filmmaking but presents him or herself with a letter of motivation, demonstrating their passion and seriousness as well as their long term goals.

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