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Summer Workshops “Acting for stage & Screen”

Three week acting workshop

  • Type of program: Summer Workshops
  • Programs offered: Program in English
  • Length of program: 3 weeks

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This three week acting workshops is designed to give students a dynamic introduction to the craft of acting in cinema and in live performance as well, providing a rare, real short film experience for a possible show reel and professor feedback throughout the process.

Exercises, small lectures and a short production period form the pedagogy of the workshop wherein every student is initiated to training techniques firstly, and then given the real time experience of acting in a film production with the addition of theatrical training and several more opportunities to work on multiple roles in the short film production period in conjunction with the concurrent film workshops.

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  • Learning the fundamentals of acting: reading a text, techniques to play in front of a camera, how to learn and analyze a text, rehearsal techniques and participating in a casting (how to prepare for one), the craft of screen acting.
  • The workshop combines theoretical presentations with hands on practical exercises
  • Participation in short films (by acting in several film projects) which allow the student to leave with their short performances on a USB key for portfolio use.
  • Learning theatrical acting technique through scene work. The Art of playing in front of an audience
  • The workshop mimics real conditions of the filming process and presenting a scene on stage.