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EICAR becomes the 1st Film School honored with the “Bienvenue en France” Certification!
In 2021, Paris EICAR Campus received the Campus France certification “Bienvenue...
EICAR student wins Palme d’or at the Cannes Festival!
After becoming the first Egyptian short film to be selected at the world-renowned...
EICAR Alumnus’s short film premiered at Venice Film Critics’ Week
Five years after the selection of his feature film, Director Adriano Valerio...



Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the international department different than the Francophone programs offered at EICAR?

We are the only Continental European film school with a full English language curriculum that offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema and a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema degrees.

The English language curriculum of the International Department is specifically conceived to meet the demands of the global audio-visual, film and television industries. In the tradition of the Anglo-Saxon method of film education, a combination of theoretical classes, “hands-on-film” workshops and production, along with extensive personal one-on-one tutoring are the foundation of the program. Additionally, International students have a membership to the French Cinémathèque, the world’s first and foremost film museum, with free access to the screenings, library and cultural events.

Our International students, as well as the professors, come from the four corners of the globe creating a potential network of employment opportunities. The multinational nature of the faculty and student body is also one of the things that make the “EICAR experience” one of the most unique and productive in film education with the majority of our students finding employment in the audio-visual industries after graduation.

Do I need to know French in order to go to the international programs?

No. Our BFA, MFA, One Year Filmmaking programs and our summer workshops, “Making a Short” and “Writing a Short” are taught in English. The school nevertheless provides French classes as part of the degree programs to help you to immerge into French culture.

Do you offer scholarships?

In accordance with the school’s official policy, scholarships are not offered in the first year. However, in the degree programs, we do sometimes offer tuition reductions to exceptional students who demonstrate financial need in order for them to complete their studies with us.

What type of programs do you offer in the international department? What are their duration?

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program is 2 years, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is 3 years; the One Year Filmmaking program is 1 year. All of our full time programs during the year require the student to apply. Summer Workshops can be one to three weeks and require only that one registers.

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