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Open House

Study filmmaking in France,
cradle of cinema

Become a professional in the film industry, master your art!

Come and meet us on our Parisian campus!

Summer workshop

A thorough introduction to the craft of filmmaking!

🗓️ One session in July 2023.

Registrations are open!

EICAR becomes the 1st Film School honored with the “Bienvenue en France” Certification!
In 2021, Paris EICAR Campus received the Campus France certification “Bienvenue...
EICAR student wins Palme d’or at the Cannes Festival!
After becoming the first Egyptian short film to be selected at the world-renowned...
EICAR Alumnus’s short film premiered at Venice Film Critics’ Week
Five years after the selection of his feature film, Director Adriano Valerio...



Frequently Asked Questions

Are you approved by the GI Bill and Veteran’s administration?

Eicar International’s degree programs, the BFA and MFA are officially recognized by the U.S. veteran’s administration. United States armed services candidates should take this into account.

When is the admissions period?

Admissions begins in late October and is rolling but usually goes until early summer depending on places that remain.

How do you apply to the degree programs and the one year?

There is no fee to apply to our programs and application is simple and can be done online. The application criteria that we ask for is a letter of motivation and a letter of recommendation.

A portfolio sample is obligatory for the Masters application but not for the undergraduate programs or one year.

We also require a copy of your passport and your last year of grades.

Candidates submit a copy of your high school or secondary school equivalent for application to the BFA and one year programs.

A copy of your undergraduate degree (it can be in any subject) is required for application to the MFA.

Documents must be in either English or French.

We also schedule a skype interview as part of the process.

What kind of student attends the international department programs? Who are you looking for?

We are looking for potential filmmakers from all over the world from a variety of different backgrounds. The typical candidate is a non traditional student looking for practical immersion in filmmaking and the chance to work on their craft. The average student has little prior experience in filmmaking but presents him or herself with a letter of motivation, demonstrating their passion and seriousness as well as their long term goals.

Master your art!

EICAR prepares you for careers in the film and creative industries. Give yourself every chance to succeed!