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4 questions for… Francesco Fioretto

BFA in Filmmaking - Directing - 31 May 2018 - by Le Grand EICAR

Today, we meet with Italian Graphic Designer and Art Director from the Istituto Marangoni, Francesco Fioretto, for our “4 questions for…” interview! Specialized in the creation of visual identity for the film industry, he met EICAR students during a Master Class Lecture.

EICAR News: Who are you?

Francesco Fioretto: I’m Francesco Fioretto. I am a Creative Director and I work overall in the fashion industry, advertisement,  and for magazine also. My contribution to the Motion Picture Industry is to design posters for films and to design visual identity, opening title credits and closing credits for feature films, music videos and commercials.

I teach in a fashion school, so I really like sharing my knowledge with students. It is a different environment from here, but it is also a creative ambiance, so it is really interesting to share beyond this visual jobs that are always interesting for the students. And sometimes, it is also very interesting to “contaminate” your knowledge with students coming from different fields. This is why I am enjoyed to give Master Classa Lecture at EICAR, and I thankful for that.

EN: What kind of Master Class do you offer?

FF: The Master Class Lecture is called “The Art of a Title”, and it is totally based on a little introduction on what it means to use graphic insert and typography, to introduce and to close a movie or any motion picture. We make an historical overview about the most iconic opening title sequences. I also like to make like an overall for producers or directors, and to make them sensitive to what it means to create a visual identity for a movie, and also what it means to “introying”, the intro of a movie and the  outro of a movie, which is a very interesting moment in a narrative point of view.

EN: What would you think of this Master Class if you were a student?

MHF: I hope I would find it awesome! And i would like to notice something I was not thinking about before. And being stimulated, to think about how I could introduce my short or long movie, how I could design the title of my movie. To pay attention to these things and start for searching around my friends if I have graphic designers.

EN: Recently, what has been your favorite cultural event?

MHF: I would like to advice something coming from the fashion field. There is an amazing art show at the Musée Galliera about Martin Margiela. i think it is really interesting in terms of content, but also in the way we design the interior. I think this is not only for people who work in fashion: everybody should go to see it.