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Summer Workshops “Making A Short”

Three week filmmaking workshop

  • Type of program: Summer Workshops
  • Programs offered: Program in English
  • Length of program: 3 weeks

These intensive three week filmmaking workshops are designed to give students a thorough introduction to the craft of filmmaking through hands on experience and constant feedback. The structure of the course consists of learning topics in the field within the subjects of cinematography, editing, directing and screenwriting.

Exercises, small lectures and a final “production period” form the pedagogy of the course wherein every student produces a final five minute film in this very intensive last week of production. Students are also given the rare opportunity to work with actors from EICAR acting department wherein a valuable interaction is gained and an insight in to the actor’s training.

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  • Cutting and Training on Final Cut Pro Editing Software
  • Training on HD Cameras
  • Extensive Composition and lighting exercises
  • Introduction to basic three point lighting techniques
  • Introduction to indoor and outdoor lighting techniques and color temperatures
  • Short Scenario Screenwriting basics
  • Sound Recording Basics
  • Full supervision of final film scripts by professors
  • How to get the most out of actors’ performances, rehearsal techniques
  • On set experience in a week long supervised production period