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Welcome to UCLA Extension!

Me, Myself & I - 10 octobre 2016 - par Le Grand EICAR

Mathilde Chartier (BFA3 2014-15)

Mathilde Chartier, diplômée du Bachelor of Fine Art Program de l’EICAR, nous raconte son expérience dans l’université UCLA Extension, à Los Angeles.

UCLA Campus

I’m Mathilde ex-BFA3 and proud new UCLA Extension student. I’ve been in L.A since April 2016 and it’s been wonderful. For one, the weather is much better than Paris and second, the campus is a tiny bit bigger than EICAR (Sorry but it’s true).

The Production Certificate Program

The classes, at least the one I got in the Producing Certificate, are really interesting and give great insight into the American Film Industry. They take place at night usually from 7pm to 10pm which is great because your teachers are working during the day and giving you fresh knowledge at night. Also, even as Extension students we have access to the UCLA recreation facility. It costs 50 dollars for 3 months and you have so many activities. Just check the website!

UCLA Campus

The next step

As for internships, I just started one in a company called Voltage Pictures, I found it easily through the website Entertainment Careers (I really recommend). Overall people from the UCLA extension office are very helpful and if you have any questions they will do whatever they can to help you. The only « issue » I can warn you about is the housing. It’s really difficult to find a room near campus for a cheap price and so before making your budget to come here really check out websites to have a real idea of what to expect (usually 900$/month for a private room). If you think about finding a place a bit further away remember that you will be taking the bus at 10 pm!

But so overall to be honest it’s just extremely worth it.
It’s an amazing experience and with OPT, great news, you can even extend it one more year!

Love from L.A